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The Serious Gamers starters kit

A box of surprises

The Serious Gamers started a new experiment; we’ve developed starters kits. We love sending the players home from our workshop full of ideas and inspiration. To enable them even further we want to send them home with a starters kit too.
Currently we’re only offering them as add-ons to our event! These will enable you to facilitate your own serious games starting the first day after the workshop. The kits will consist of specific card decks, special dice, instructions and visuals.

The items in this box are curated, but not created by The Serious Gamers. Most of them are parts of the full deck or set. This way you are able to enjoy a diverse set of things to experiment with. The Serious Gamers created and added the facilitation sheets and visuals. This is the magic ingredient to turn these friends & family games into serious games to use in a work context. Playing serious games is an excuse for the debrief, so put learning first. The fact they help put the fun in functional is an amazing side effect.

  • For a single facilitator we are offering The Soloist. Equip yourself with this kit to game on and you won’t feel alone!
  • If you are planning to use them with a medium-sized community of facilitators there is The Triumvirate which consists of three kits. These will allow you to play the same kind of serious games, and we will make sure that as many cards and dice as possible are different. 
  • To empower your full organization there is The Ennead. This set consists of nine (jawohl, 9!) kits with as many different materials as possible, while enabling the same serious games. Consider sending more than one facilitator to this workshop to support such a big community in utilizing these kits in an optimal way.

When our first experiments seem successful, we will focus on other serious gaming kits. Ideas for now are leaning towards advanced kits or serious game designer kits.