This is an online (serious) game to lighten up the mood in current times. Our inspiration for this was Team3, a physical building & party game.
You can just play & enjoy it to get some laughter. You can also do a debrief afterwards to turn it into a serious game. Debrief topics are around communication, common language, collaboration and self-organization.

  • Gather three people in a virtual call
  • Have one (or more) persons grab 10 rolls of toilet paper
  • Distribute these three roles (not rolls):
    • The Architect (speak no evil)
    • The Project Manager (hear no evil)
    • The Builder (see no evil)
  • The Architect is the only one who may click this link to get a random structure to build. He cannot speak so he must use physical hints to transfer information to the Project Manager
  • The Project Manager

Rest will follow after the experiment at NOOS